SpokenWord Paris

SpokenWordParis-Aug4On August 4, 2013, SpokenWord Paris hosted their monthly open mic (scène ouverte) at Au Chat Noir (76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011).  Rita Banerjee, Diana Norma Szokolyai, Jessica Suzanne Reidy, Tiffanie Williams, and Elissa Lewis were featured readers courtesy of the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop annual Yoga & Writing Retreat at the Chȃteau de Verderonne.  David Barnes hosted a lovely evening of poets, performers, musicians, dramatists, and comedians!  The theme for the evening was “beggars,” and Rita Banerjee read “The moon had jackknifed,” “Sleep,” “Ilha Formosa,” and “Georgia Brown” from her work.  SpokenWord Paris also celebrated the launch of their new literary magazine, Bastille.  Check out the new writers’ scene in France!

Digital Americana: The Missing Atomic Scientist

DigitalAmericana-CWWRadioPlayThe Cambridge Writers’ Workshop and Armchair/Shotgun, an excellent literary magazine from New York, were recently featured in the Summer 2013 “Consume” issue of Digital Americana for their radio-play performance of “Roy Rogers: The Missing Atomic Scientist”:

This double issue of includes much more content than 99¢ should allow—moving from the intimacy of boiling bones to a mother’s honey, to a series of visual poems from the prolifically avant-garde Richard Kostelanetz, and much more.  Included in this is also the second installment of our author self-interview series (made possible by the lovely and gracious novelist, Ashley Warlick), as a well as a Consumed series of original illustrations from contemporary Seattle artist, Levi Hastings. And we’re also proud to have published a new piece of multimedia: the audio to a full-length radio drama featuring American icon, Roy Rogers (which was performed brilliantly by a full ensemble cast).  We also continue our investigation into the convergence of literature and media with an interview with the winner of the 2013 Transmedia Project of the Year. And after seeing what this type of multimedia future holds, we can assure you that there will definitely be no shortage of things to consume or create—only the further blurring of the lines that separate the things we consume from the things that consume us.  Radio Drama Credits: Gregory Crosby, John Cusick, Cayla Buettner, Diana Norma Szokolyai, Jonah Kruvant, Max March Steinman, J.E. Reich, Dennis Shafer, Eck Sierra, Jake Rudin, Cambridge Writers’ Workshop, Armchair/Shotgun


Château de Verderonne Yoga & Writing Retreat

CWW-Verderonne2013RetreatCome join the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop for our second annual writing retreat in France. This year, we will stay at the Château de Verderonne & take classes at a lovely and spacious 17th century manor house on the grounds of the château.  A French chef will prepare all of our meals on site, and we will dine together in the large kitchen or on the terrace. Enjoy walks through the museum at your leisure, take refuge writing in the drawing rooms, or relax in the sprawling gardens.  Writers Diana Norma Szokolyai and Rita Banerjee will be your guides and help you create the space you need to nurture your writing projects. Certified yoga instructor and visual artist Elissa Lewis will guide participants in daily yoga and meditation exercises. The retreat is tailored for allowing participants to relax and access their creative process. We will offer the following options to those electing to participate: craft of writing seminars, creative writing workshops, manuscript review, yoga, meditation, French conversation groups, fine art workshops, and excursions to Paris, Chantilly, and nearby medieval towns.  Apply by June 30, 2013: cww.submittable.com

More Information: Poets & Writers * Cambridge Writers’ Workshop

Feature in VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

VIDAOn March 4, 2013, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts published the 2012 VIDA COUNT which cataloged the number of women writers being published in the nation’s top literary, journalistic, and academic periodicals.  You can read more about their findings and assessments by Amy King here: http://www.vidaweb.org/vida-count-2012-mic-check-redux

Also in VIDA news this week, writers Rita Banerjee and Diana Norma Szokolyai are featured guests on HER KIND, a blog powered by VIDA: Women in Literary Arts.  Check out their interview, “Community as Cathartic: A Conversation with Rita Banerjee and Diana Norma Szokolyai,” which was moderated by Rosebud Ben-Oni.

Boston Conservatory Performance

conservatoryBoston Conservatory Performance
Featuring Dennis Shafer, Diana Norma Szokolyai & Rita Banerjee

Judson Evans and the Garden hosts the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop & Chagall Performance Art Collaborative for an evening of poetry reading with interdisciplinary performance of poetry, music, and movement.  Poetry performance intertwined with the live composing art of Soundpainting will feature poets Diana Norma Szokolyai and Rita Banerjee (CWW directors), and Soundpainter Dennis Shafer as well as Boston Conservatory students.

Saturday March 9, 8:30 pm
(Soundpainting workshops start at 7:00 pm)

The Boston Conservatory
Theatre Building Room 401
31 Hemenway Street, Boston, MA 02115
T-Stop: Hynes Convention Center, Green Line

Cambridge Writers’ Workshop AWP 2013 Reading

CWW-AWP2013ReadingCambridge Writers’ Workshop AWP 2013 Reading
Friday March 8, 5-7 pm
Crossroads, 496 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215

Featured readers include Rita Banerjee (author of Cracklers at Night (Finishing Line Press) and Co-Director of the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop), Diana Norma Szokolyai (author of Parallel Sparrows (Finishing Line Press) and co-director of the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop), Pattabi Seshadri (whose poetry has appeared in Cincinnati Review, American Letters and Commentary, & TYPO), Ian Singleton (whose short story collection, Cussing, is forthcoming and whose work has been published in Asymptote, Midwestern Gothic, and Ploughshares), Leah Umansky (who is a contributing writer for BOMB Magazine and The Rumpus, and author of Domestic Uncertainties (BlazeVOX Books)), Gregory Crosby (who is co-creator of the EARSHOT Reading Series and Co-Editor of Lyre Lyre), Arto Vaun (whose first book is Capillarity (Carcanet Press) and whose first album is coming out in March), Lisa Marie Basile (who is the editor of Patasola Press and the author of Triste (Dancing Girl Press) and war/lock (forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press)), and Jane Chakravarthy (whose work has been published in The Fox Chase Review and who is working on her next book False Legend and Awakenings).

AWP 2013 Panel – Revival of the Literary Salon with the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop

CWW-March7RevivalofLiterarySalonRita Banerjee will be chairing the panel, “Revival of the Literary Salon with the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop” at the 2013 AWP Conference, which is to be held in Boston, MA from March 6-9, 2013.  More information on the panel is listed below:

Revival of the Literary Salon with the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop
Panelists: Rita Banerjee (Chair), Diana Norma Szokolyai, Jessica Piazza, Samantha Milowsky, and Jade Sylvan

March 7, 2013 * 9:00-10:15 am * Room 202
Hynes Convention Center * 900 Boylston Street  Boston, MA 02115

How do writers create viable writing communities outside of the MFA paradigm? We will explore how the revival of salon culture has created new spaces for literary communities and debates. Having opened its Brooklyn studio in 2011, the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop holds writing workshops, literary cabarets, residencies, and retreats abroad. Panelists will discuss how new local and international literary salons help create viable communities of artists and push the conversation of cutting edge art. For more information, please visit:


Rita Banerjee, Tara Skurtu, & The Feather Merchants

The Cambridge Writers’ Workshop & ChagallPAC Present:
A literary music salon of poems, feathers, & folk!

Rita Banerjee, Tara Skurtu, & The Feather Merchants

186.5 Hampshire Street, Inman Square, Cambridge, MA

For the first time at the Zeitgeist Outpost, Rita Banerjee, Tara Skurtu, and The Feather Merchants will create a salon atmosphere where poetry, music, & folk-salon hijinks meet! Cambridge Writers’ Workshop Co-Director poet Rita Banerjee will host the evening, and will offer interludes of poetry with poet Tara Skurtu. The Feather Merchants will play originals and arrangements of Steely, Johnny, and The Black Keys.

Rita Banerjee & Tara Skurtu – poets

The Feather Merchants: Cara Brindisi – vocals/acoustic guitar, Chelsea White – fiddle, Chris Houston – bass/vocals, Mike Harmon – drums, David Wang – violin

Château de Sacy Eco-living & Writing Retreat

Rita Banerjee will be teaching at the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop  Eco-living and Writing Retreat at Château de Sacy, one hour from Paris, France. Instructors include Patrick Rosal, Srikanth Reddy, Rita Banerjee, and Diana Norma Szokolyai. The program will take place from August 22-31, 2012. It will be all-inclusive including lodging & three home-cooked meals/day with organic and local food.  Application and guidelines available at: http://cww.submittable.com

Château de Sacy is located in the region of Picardy, one hour from Paris. This ecologically sustainable and artistic haven is nestled in the small village of Sacy-le-Petit, which dates back to prehistoric and Roman times. Sacy was close to an ancient road called “la voie royale,” which carried pewter all the way from England to Rome. There are many local legends involving horses, curses, and secret passageways that folks still talk about in Sacy-le-Petit.  The present owner of the château, Hermine Demoriane, is part of the same family that has lived there for over 200 years. Her love for art and ecologically sustainable living has transformed the estate into a venue for art residencies, exhibitions and volunteer organic gardening.

If you are serious about your writing, please join us. Here are some of the experiences you may have: Imagine waking up to church bells or the dame du château ringing the bell. Fresh organic fruit and homemade yogurt await you downstairs. Sun is pouring in through the stone walls, and you can smell the raspberries in the window. During the day, you spend hours focusing on shaping your work of writing. In specialized writing workshops, you receive feedback on your writing, try experimental methods that push the boundaries of your writing, and have the opportunity to share with other experienced writers. Your free moments of the day are spent on walks through the nearby forest trails, on bike rides to pick up farm eggs, or sketching beautiful poppies in the fields. Lunch and dinner will be served at the château by wonderful cooks, and you’ll be amazed at the no-waste kitchen Madame Demoriane keeps. For nearly every meal, organic vegetables and fruits are harvested from the “potager” (kitchen garden). Your days will be filled with refreshing meals, interesting conversations, and most importantly—creative writing! Day excursions will include a literary tour of Paris and local arts events. There will also be a reading for participants of the workshop to share their work and music by classical musicians in the evening.

Guidelines | Application