Cracklers at Night

Cracklers at Night by Rita Banerjee Finishing Line Press; 1ST edition (2010) ISBN-10: 159924683X ISBN-13: 978-1599246833
Cracklers at Night by Rita Banerjee
Finishing Line Press; 1ST edition (2010)
ISBN-10: 159924683X
ISBN-13: 978-1599246833

Los Angeles Book Festival: 1st Honorable Mention:

Rita Banerjee’s chapbook, Cracklers at Night, which was published by Finishing Line Press, received First Honorable Mention for Best Poetry Book of 2011-2012 at the Los Angeles Book Festival!  Awards for the Los Angeles Book Festival were distributed at a ceremony on March 3, 2012 at the Roosevelt Hotel, the home of the first Academy Awards, in Hollywood, California.  You can read more about Cracklers at Night and the LA Book Festival award here:

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Praise for Cracklers at Night:

“In the chapbook, Cracklers at Night, Rita Banerjee’s poems are an acrobatic music, a swinging erudition, a hip lyric to make shape of Whitman’s “ostent evanescent”, a phrase he uses to conjure the metaphysical projections of the physical world. Banerjee, with thrilling compression and off-beat breaks, fashions a multi-dimensional America…With wit, play, consonance, anagram, assonance, the unexpected rhyme, Banerjee offers, in this short collection, a material, feminist, postcolonial critique of where we are as a nation, what we are made of, what we fail to make, and what we can make of language regardless. Cracklers at Night is a fantastic debut.  ~ Patrick Rosal, author of Uprock, Headspin, Scramble, and Dive and My American Kundiman

“’I had no roam / no hope to / call a // road’” writes Rita Banerjee in her wide-ranging chapbook, but I don’t believe her for a second.  This is a mobile and  hopeful speaker, capable of making her home in a rail car heading out of  Manipal just as easily as she inhabits Renoir’s Bougival.  Throughout, the worldliness is laced with heartache, in search of “’some solace that would heal the lines / between blue and continent.’”  ~ Srikanth Reddy, author of Voyager and Facts for Visitors

“Rita Banerjee’s poems spin the reader into a world of tightly packed imagery that leaves us gasping at the edge of violent endings or floating in wondrous, ancient silences.  With lyric intensity, delicacy, and humor, she has the capacity to make places and sounds palpable, taking the reader on a journey from Harlem to the Himalayas.  This is a new voice of hypnotizing and rare beauty.”  ~ Diana Norma Szokolyai, author of Parallel Sparrows

On the Radio:

Rita Banerjee’s poetry was recently featured on the KBOO Radio’s APA Compass in Portland, Oregon.  The reading, which featured a selection of poems from Cracklers at Night, was hosted by Kushlani de Soyza.  Check out the reading below:

Rita Banerjee
APA Compass, KBOO Radio
Reading from “Cracklers at Night”
Host: Kushlani de Soyza

Sample from Cracklers at Night:

The moon had jackknifed,

broken mid-pace—
kept him still
pausing over an edgeless pool,
the orbs splitting yellow
spoke of oblivion,
his eyes glimmered,
the moon understood,
flew to him with haste,
first touching the cool palette
of his foot, then the sturdy
crest below his neck, finally
igniting in his wondrous eyes.
In the last spark,
his body gave way—
until nothing remained
but a lovely blank
and the windshield
warped by the embrace.

~ Rita Banerjee

Note: “The moon had jackknifed” is featured in the collection Cracklers at Night.  It was published in the Crab Creek Review in 2007 and is the winner of the 2006 Crab Pot Poetry Contest.

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