Dena Moes’s new memoir “The Buddha Sat Right Here” now available for pre-order!

Dena Moes’s exciting new memoir is now available for pre-order

Dena Moes is a Hollywood-born, Yale-educated midwife with a BA in literature and an MS in Nursing. Dena and her family live in Chico California but leave town each summer to attend Rainbow Gatherings and Burning Man, and tour the West Coast festival circuit as the Moes Family Band. They always come home in time for school to start – except in 2014, when they set off for India and Nepal. The Buddha Sat Right Here is Dena’s first book.  On the memoir, Rita Banerjee writes:

“The Buddha Sat Right Here redefines what memoirs can be.  Moes spins a great tale of family, adventure, human connection, and generosity.”

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