The Scofield (Issue 3.1) Launches feat. Rita Banerjee on James Baldwin

The Scofield, Issue 3.1 on “Kōbō Abe & Home” launched this week and features the work of Rita Banerjee on James Baldwin.  On Baldwin, Banerjee writes:

In The Devil Finds Work, James Baldwin takes an incisive and illuminating look at the movies, both American and European, and examines the black gaze on the white body, the black gaze on the black body, and what it means to be black and still maintain a dynamic sense of subjecthood in America and in Europe. In the collection of essays, Baldwin traces the origins of his own critic’s eye to the inimical tension between his parents, his father’s violent relationship towards him as a young boy, and his unexpected allies and mentors in teachers like Bill Miller, a young white woman, who took him, as a child to see Uncle Tom’s Cabin and A Tale of Two Cities and who shed light on the relationship between racism and classism in America.

Read the full issue here.

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