Rita Banerjee’s poem “Ilha Formosa” feat. in Hyphen Magazine

For the month of March, Hyphen Magazine has featured a new poem by Rita Banerjee entitled, “Ilha Formosa.”  On Banerjee’s poetry, editor Eugenia Leigh writes:

This March—a season of spring, of sloughing off the dead weight of winter and examining our year’s progress—we offer Rita Banerjee’s meditative and magical profile of the “Ilha Formosa” that “knows / more than sulfur and air and water shift / between earth and its beautiful blue fringe—”. This poem quiets the clamor of our blue-lit lives so we can catch the “rhythm of the blood-beat” in the South Pacific. Banerjee teaches us to see what the eye “almost misses”: not only the mountain, but also “your own face grown thick” reflected in that mountain and in the entire natural world around us.  —Eugenia Leigh, Poetry Editor, Hyphen Magazine

You can read Rita Banerjee’s poem, “Ilha Formosafeatured on Hyphen Magazine here.

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