What’s at Stake Revision Workshop

typewriter-revisionWhat’s at Stake Revision Workshop
Sunday May 17, 2015 * 14:00-17:00

The Munich Readery, Augustenstraße 104, 80798 München

What makes a story tick? What makes a hero embark on a story filled with the promise of adventure and the inevitability of peril? If you are trying to figure out what the central, driving force of your story is, and how to structure and propel your narrative forward, come to our creative writing workshop “What’s at Stake Revision Workshop.” In this revision workshop, we will pick up where our “Storytelling and What’s at Stake” workshop left off, and we will investigate how knowing what’s at stake in a story can help a writer to further engage his/her audience by developing central conflicts and tensions which help to make a story unique and memorable. During workshop, we will review and revise the writing begun for the “Storytelling and What’s at Stake” Workshop. Participants are also welcomed to bring in the character sketches, stories, poems, and performance pieces they are currently working which explore what makes each character tick and react in terms of their personal, professional, social, and political investments. So if you’re currently working on a short story, novel, screenplay, theatre play, lyrical essay, memoir, or narrative poem and are trying to figure out what’s at stake in your work, come stop by the Munich Readery on Sunday May 17 for our next creative writing workshop led by Rita Banerjee.  To register, send an email to Lisa at: store@themunichreadery.com. Workshop Fee: €30.  Please contact the Munich Readery at store@themunichreadery.com for information on future writing workshops taught by Rita Banerjee.

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