A Night with Kali (Digitized)

The Brooklyn Art House Co-op has begun to digitize The Fiction Project (2011) collection.  So while the original edition of A Night with Kali can be found at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York, here is a copy of the novella for your reading pleasure: http://www.arthousecoop.com/library/5174 

A Night with Kali focuses on the story of a young taxi driver from Kolkata named Tamal.  Part coming of age narrative, part mystery, Tamal deconstructs and reconstructs his various encounters with ghosts and the goddess Kali as the novella progresses.  Based on a true-life story, A Night with Kali is part of the “Nighttime Stories” genre of The Fiction Project (2011) collection.

In addition to the digital scan on-line, A Night with Kali is also available for reading at the Brooklyn Art Library, an archive of the Brooklyn Art-House Co-op.  The original novella can be read at:  Brooklyn Art Library, 103A N. 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 *  Tues-Sun: 12:00-8:00pm (Here is a wonderful preview and review of the Brooklyn Art Library).

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