Sample from the collection

The moon had jackknifed,

broken mid-pace—
kept him still
pausing over an edgeless pool,
the orbs splitting yellow
spoke of oblivion,
his eyes glimmered,
the moon understood,
flew to him with haste,
first touching the cool palette
of his foot, then the sturdy
crest below his neck, finally
igniting in his wondrous eyes.
In the last spark,
his body gave way—
until nothing remained
but a lovely blank
and the windshield
warped by the embrace.

~ Rita Banerjee


Note: “The moon had jackknifed” is featured in the collection Cracklers at Night.  It was published in the Crab Creek Review in 2007 and is the winner of the 2006 Crab Pot Poetry Contest.

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