The Monarch Review features Rita Banerjee’s poems “Please Listen and Do Not Return” and “Storyteller”

MonarchReviewThe current issue of The Monarch Review, Seattle’s literary and arts magazine, features two new poems by Rita Banerjee, “Please Listen and Do Not Return” and “Storyteller.”  The poems are inspired by Nick Carraway, Tom Joad, and Gloria Rich, respectively.

Rita Banerjee is a writer, and received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University.  She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and her has been featured in VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, Riot Grrrl Magazine, Poets for Living Waters, The Fiction Project, Jaggery, The Crab Creek Review, The Dudley Review, Objet d’Art, Vox Populi, Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure, Chrysanthemum, and on KBOO Radio’s APA Compass in Portland, Oregon. Her first collection of poems, Cracklers at Night, received First Honorable Mention for Best Poetry Book at the 2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. She is Executive Creative Director of the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop.

Rita Banerjee’s Mis/Translation Poems featured in Quail Bell Magazine

EderleziRita Banerjee’s poems “Romani Folk Poem,” “Kaddish,” and “A Hymn to Beauty” were just released in Quail Bell Magazine.  These poems, which were written during the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop’s Yoga & Writing Retreat at the Château de Verderonne in Pircardy, France, are mis/translations of famous literary texts, songs, and spoken word performances.  A Mis/translation is a creative writing invention exercise in which a poem is performed aloud in a “foreign” language that none of the participants can speak. The participants then provide a “mis/translation” of the performed poem based entirely on the feel and sound of the words. Check out the CWW’s Writing & Yoga Retreats in Paris, France and Granada, Spain this summer. The application deadline for both retreats in May 25, 2015. You may also enjoy the CWW interview with Quail Bell Magazine.